Ty GrayEL: Professional Speaker, Spoken Word Artist &Therapist

Ty GrayEL is available to book for Professional Speaking & Spoken Word engagements. His inspirational poetry and deeply healing messages resonate with the audiences he engages, and are truly transforming.
As a Certified Stress Management Therapist through the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist, Ty conducts stress management, anger management and drug interdiction workshops.
In 2017 Ty also had the special honor of being recognized as the Poet Laureate of Reid Temple A.M.E. Church in Glendale, MD.  Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, Senior Pastor of the A.M.E. church acknowledged his ability to inspire, “uplift and enlighten” its members in the tradition of Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Langston Hughes with “creative poetic expression.” As such, he was presented with a plaque in recognition of his impact on the congregation.
StressAway-WriteAway/Right Now is an experiential stress management workshop where participants write and perform poetry written as a result of the information they receive during the sessions. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic communication techniques are taught that equip attendees with skills to create less stressful and more meaningful relationships at home, at work, at school or at play. 
Expected Outcomes:
  1. Discover how to dramatically reduce harmful stress, dysfunctional feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, depression and develop healthy behaviors.
  2. Learn to let go of limiting negative thoughts through more effective communication with self and others.
  3. Uncover buried emotions and acquire methods of healing from emotional trauma which will enhance self-awareness and raise self-esteem. 
  4. Embrace methods of slowing the aging process while increasing vitality, improving your spiritual disposition and overall happiness.
  5. Develop intellectual skills that embrace diversity and encourage cultural competence by increasing self-awareness, inner peace and personal responsibility.
  6. Unearth methods of improving your career and financial status by removing mental, maximize your potential and develop higher interpersonal aptitude.
  7. Accelerate your spiritual, mental and emotional growth through decision making, choosing to be healthy, happy and prosperous now adhering to the spiritual Laws of Gratitude and Appreciation.

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Ty GrayEL is a n inspirational powerhouse who delivers timely messages of hope and encouragement.


Spoken Word

Ty's Spoken Word presentation is brilliant! His rousing delivery of healing insights channel his Ancestral connection & is empowering.


StressAway-WriteAway Workshops use specialized communication techniques to equip attendees with skills to reduce stress.

Ty is eager to hear about opportunities to reach people with his inspired messages. Please select the event date from the calendar, then send us a message and tell us more. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ty's Corporate Speaking Engagement & Workshop Clients: